Water Treatment

The St. John the Baptist Parish water system consists of three water plants, LaPlace Water Plant, Lions Water Plant, and Edgard Water Plant, all operated by state certified operators.

Water treatment refers to all facilities which use surface water (river water) and ground water (well water). These facilities remove the bacteriological and impurities from the water.

LaPlace Raw Water is pumped from two water wells located by Ruddock approximately 10 miles from the treatment facility. Well-water temperature is around 95º F. The water is pumped into pre-treatment storage tanks. From these tanks the well-water is transported through a 24 inch diameter waterline to the Laplace Water Treatment Facility.

The LaPlace Water Treatment facility is located off of the intersection of  I-10 and Hwy 51 on Woodland Drive. Inside the facility we have three reverse osmosis (RO) units. Each unit consists of 38 pressure vessels containing 7 membranes in each vessel. The well-water is pre-treated with sodium meta bisulfite, a scale inhibitor, and through cartridge filtration. The filtered water then flows through the RO units for removal of bacteria and impurities. Each RO unit is capable of producing 1.5 million gallons of treated water per day. The quality of the water exiting the system must comply with all of the Department of Health and Hospital (DHH) rules and regulations. The RO units are a state of the art technology with a sophisticated computerized controlled system.

The water treatment plant in Edgard has the capacity to produce 0.8 million gallons per day. Daily consumption amounts to 0.4 million gallons per day by the residents of Wallace, Edgard, and Lucy. Pleasure Bend water is supplied by St. James Parish and managed by the St. John the Baptist Parish Utilities Department.