Zoning Board of Adjustments

All Zoning Board of Adjustments Meetings take place in the Parish Council Chambers at 1811 W. Airline Highway, LaPlace, LA 70068 and begin at 5:30 p.m.

Variance Application(PDF, 272KB) 

Meeting Agenda: 

Agenda-1-31-24(PDF, 229KB)

Agenda-2-28-24(PDF, 232KB)

Agenda-3-27-24(PDF, 233KB)

Agenda-4-24-24(PDF, 232KB)

Agenda-5-29-24(PDF, 229KB)

Agenda-6-27-24-Cancelled(PDF, 202KB)

Agenda-7-31-24(PDF, 230KB)

Meeting Results:

1-31-24-Results(PDF, 230KB)

2-28-24-Results(PDF, 232KB)

3-27-24-Results(PDF, 233KB)

4-24-24-Results(PDF, 232KB)

5-29-24-Results(PDF, 229KB)

Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Dates for 2024