Vendor Information

All vendors interested in doing business with St. John the Baptist Parish must complete the Vendor Registration Form(PDF, 83KB)  and return it to the Purchasing Department along with a completed W-9 form(PDF, 129KB) , and an Occupational License for all St. John Parish businesses (see below).

As request for bids, proposals, and/or quotations are put out; vendors must submit their bids and/or proposals for review, scoring, and approval.  

The applications for the requested forms are listed below. 

Insurance Requirements

St. John the Baptist Parish requires a variety of insurance requirements for particular services. For those services not specified, please review the below attachments for correct coverage.

Occupational License

An occupational license is required for all St. John the Baptist Parish businesses.  For an occupational license application, please refer to the following location:  

ACI ST. JOHN, LLC, 1704 Chantilly Drive, Suite 101, LaPlace, LA  7068  (Phone: 985-359-6600)