Wastewater Collection System

The wastewater collection distribution system consists of 190 miles of collection lines and approximately 156 lift stations.  Our certified employees work together in teams to monitor and repair equipment failures in the system.



During the past several months, Utility employees have been responding to collection system blockages and overflows at the lift station and manholes. These blockages and overflows are caused by many issues; however, several were directly due to non-sanitary trash in the collection system. This material finds access to the collection system from homes and outside open drains and can cause major blockages, overflows and mechanical failures around the area.

The Parish spends valuable time and public dollars addressing these blockages and overflows. The public should be aware that proper use of the sanitary collection system. The Parish is requesting resident support for its efforts to provide public education on proper use of the sanitary collection system. Residents should use the sanitary collection system for approved liquid discharges from homes and businesses.


Toilets, hand basins, dishwashers, washing machines and other normal household liquids.



Towels, rags, fiber material, sanitary napkins, and other solid material should be placed in trash cans or bags for disposal.

Oil and grease material such as cooking oils, fats and lards should always be kept from the collection system.

Rocks, dirt, chemicals, fuel any other type of foreign matter.


The Parish Utility Department is providing this guidance to the residents to help minimize system costs and mechanical repairs. Utility Department funds are provided by the residents and problems generated by improper use of the sanitary collection system are a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The Parish is requesting your assistance with this problem. If you have any questions or observe improper use of the sanitary collection system, please contact the Utility Department at 985-651-6800.