LaPlace Multi-Modal Transportation Center Plan


Through a grant from the Federal Rail Administration via the Southern Rail Commission, St. John the Baptist Parish commissioned the LaPlace Multi-Modal Transportation Center Plan as a guide to revitalize the LaPlace area to become more accommodating to development through a smarter regional transportation system and land use plan. This plan will ensure that St. John the Baptist Parish has the capacity to accommodate current and future residents in a safe and resilient manner while building on the unique character of the community. More specifically, the plan contains specific recommendations that capitalize on recent improvements to the Parish's development landscape -- such as the establishment of a Parishwide historic preservation program and planned resilient infrastructure improvements along Airline Highway and Main Street. Further, as the State of Louisiana and its partners plan for passenger rail service between New Orleans and Baton Rouge with a stop located in LaPlace, the plan will help demonstrate the need for passenger rail service and capacity for improvement along the corridor.

For more information on the plan and its recommendations for a revitalized Main Street and surrounding area, please see the full document here.(PDF, 9MB)

For more information on the potential rail corridor, please also see a summary of the planned service connecting Baton Rouge and New Orleans here.(PDF, 2MB)

LaPlace Proposed_LandUsePlan.jpg