Water Distribution System


The East Bank distribution system consists of 200 miles of water lines, 5000 fire hydrants (fire protection) and approximately 18,000 water meters.

The West Bank distribution system consists of approximately 65 miles of water lines and approximately 1100 fire hydrants.  Each valve and fire hydrant in the system must be exercised to assure the integrity of the system.    

The parish is also equipped with elevated water towers and storage tanks to assure proper water pressures to the residents and for fire protection.

The distribution system was improved with the installation of two 12 inch lines, one near the South Central Louisiana Technical College in Reserve and one on Belle Terre Boulevard.  The Utilities Department is currently working on the 3rd upgrade near Hwy 44 and West 5th Street (near the DuPont curve).  These upgrades facilitate interconnecting the two water systems on the East Bank.  Once the water line under the river is installed, all three water systems will be interconnected.