Code Enforcement


The Division of Code Enforcement is dedicated to providing fair and equal enforcement of Parish codes to protect the community's general health, safety, and welfare.

Report a Violation

Keeping St. John the Baptist Parish beautiful is the responsibility of every citizen. Please help us by preventing, identifying, and reporting code violations. To report a suspected code violation, call (985) 359-1185 or file a complaint here. To help ensure your complaint is addressed, please include:

  1. the address of the alleged violation;
  2. whether or not you prefer to be updated regarding the status of the alleged violation; and
  3. your desired method of contact (i.e. phone, email, letter), if applicable.


Request a Violation Invoice

To retrieve information regarding violation payments or to obtain a history of outstanding violations, please send a request for a Violation Payment Summary to Ms. Shlley Dents via e-mail ( or contact her by phone (985) 359-1195. To help ensure your request is addressed in a timely manner, please provide:

  1. your name;
  2. the current property owner's name;
  3. the address of the violation; and
  4. your preferred method of contact (i.e. phone, email, letter).

Please be advised that, if provided with sufficient information, requested information will be distributed to you in a timely manner, typically between one to two weeks per address.

Summary of Violation Process

Upon both complaint and observation, Code Enforcement Inspectors conduct investigations of properties to determine whether alleged nuisance and zoning code violations are occurring within the Parish. If an alleged violation is confirmed, the Division will notify the property owner and provide him/her with the opportunity to correct said violation within a specified time frame. If the property owner does not correct the violation within the prescribed time frame, the Parish may schedule the case for an Administrative Hearing or have the work performed at the property owner's expense, depending on the nature and extent of the violation.

In cases that involve direct abatement by the Parish, such as a high grass violation, the property owner will be billed for the work performed and a lien placed against the property if the costs are not satisfied within the prescribed time frame. In cases that involve Administrative Hearings, should the Hearing Officer issue a judgment that recognizes the alleged violation, property owners will be asessed Administrative fees, court costs, and associated penalties; as well as be given a time frame to correct the violation. Should the violation remain uncorrected, the Parish may abate the violation at the property owner's expense and a lien placed against the property.