Coaches/Parent Circle

1. Overview

     All Coaches are required to enroll & take Certification courses prior to being placed into the St. John Parish Recreation Department's Coaches Database. Coaches must submit their "Certificate of Completion" upon completing the required courses.

     Parents will also be required to take the "Parent's Seat" training that has been designed to help parents understand the importance of participation in recreational programs, expectations of behavior at events, & how your behavior affects your child, as well as how you can use your child’s recreational experience as a way to grow a healthy relationship for years to come.




Click Here to complete your MANDATORY certification courses: Sportsmanship & Concussion In Sports.

Trusted Coaches

Click Here to complete your MANDATORY certification courses & Background Check.

Parent's Seat

Click Here to complete our MANDATORY Parent's Guide to participation & behavior at all recreational programs. 





2. Rules & Regulations